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Shea Butter Curl Control Custard for Curly to Kinky Hair

Shea Butter Curl Control Custard for Curly to Kinky Hair
Shea Butter Curl Control Custard for Curly to Kinky Hair
SKU: S648
12 fl oz

Fresh herbal extracts of comfrey and arnica flower help improve hair strength and promote hair growth while Baobab fruit (full of vitamins and minerals - promotes shiny, lustrous, long-lasting spirals. Provides residue-free soft hold for natural styles of all kinds. Great for finger styling, twist-outs and braiding. More details...
Price: $13.99
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Product Details
Handmade with Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter to protect and hydrate the hair shaft, this water-soluble, natural gel controls frizz and defines the most unruly curly to kinky hair!

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"Had to see it to believe it"

Erika on 8/14/2013 6:32:59 PM

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Review Text: I used to use Carol's Daughter products, but after I had some bad highlights and then dyed my own hair to fix it, my hair became very dry. As a result, my natural wavy curls were flat in some areas and frizzy in others. I was afraid I would have to wait until my hair grew out to see if I could get my old hair back. Then I tried this product at Whole Foods, and was amazed at the results. I only did it on one side of my hair and compared it to the other side and saw immediate results. It immediate... More details

"I Love this Product!"

BVT on 7/3/2013 8:37:04 AM

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Review Text: I love the consistancy of the curl control custard. It goes on my damp hair so smoothly. I can easily detangle my hair with this product and it leaves my curly styles soft and defined. And the icing on the cake is that it's water soluble. Please, never change the formula. It's already PERFECT!

"Fantastic for 2 strand refresher twists outs"

Michelle C on 3/12/2013 12:46:29 AM

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Review Text: This product works well with almost no build up, for second & third day hair refresher/re-twisting on dry hair. I love that the product is not too thick so you can easily adjust the amount needed. It goes on almost transparent (which means no dull white residue), and is ultra hydrating and made my hair shiny with minimal shrinkage. Love the natural ingredients. Don't change this formula!

"Love Love LOVE!"

April on 9/12/2012 1:43:00 PM

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Review Text: This product was great for my twist out and also gave me lovely results after co-washing and putting in flat twists for a couple days. Soft and bouncy with great definition. Very pleased!

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