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Testimonials from BeautifulCurls Customers

Love this and All Alaffia Products! I started buying raw shea butter from Agbanga 5 or 6 years ago. I've watched the company grow and expand with new product lines, and tried new products as they came out. I just bought the tonic yesterday and love it on my fine, blonde, sightly wavy Caucasian hair! This company has helped me achieve my goal of only using products on my body that I would not be afraid to eat. Thank you so much!
I have used every thing you can think of to try and curl my hair. I don't even have complicated hair and nothing would curl it! This stuff is amazing! First day I had it I put it in my hair and I saw the curls come in. It's just... AMAZING! You will not regret this stuff!
I have been trying forever to find something that takes my frizzing lion's main from a mess to pretty and this is it! I discovered it at Whole Foods and I always buy the entire stock when I go to the store. I don't know what I do without the product. I normally apply within 5-10min of getting out of the shower and use a diffuser to dry.
I just want to tell you how much I love Beautiful Curls Leave-In conditioner. Last month, I bought the one for wavy to curly hair, and it worked fine, and yesterday, I bought the one for curly to kinky hair, and I think it will work even better (my hair smells lovely by the way). Thanks for making such a great product!
When used in concert with the Curl Activating Cream this Leave-In Conditioner had my hair bouncin' and was shiny and I got tons of compliments.
I have struggled with wavy to curly hair for years. Most products weigh it down, make it look greasy or dry it out. But then I found Beautiful Curls. It has been life changing. I started out with the shampoo and conditioner, and I just bought the tonic! Finally, I get to treat my hair right without looking like I don't care about myself! Thanks so much. I'm telling all my curly hair friends to use your product! Keep up the good work!
-Mary Beth
LOOOOVVVEEE IT! On a whim I picked up this conditioner because a friend of mine raved about the results. I tried it one day with another product that I had never used before and I had great curls. I gave all the praise to the other product and shelved this conditioner. Two weeks ago I ran out of my usual conditioner and went back to this one and I have to admit I LOVE this conditioner. My hair is soft, curly and it is great all by itself with a little oil my natural hair LOVES this conditioner.
A really beautiful product. My 4 month old baby has beautiful hair, but it gets really dry & poor baby has a bald spot happening in the back. I use this oil to make her hair silky & moisturized and to sooth her little scalp. Plus the smell is so good! It makes her smell like the little cupcake that she is!!
I AM a happy customer!! I bought it,and I LOVE using it for finger styling my long curls!
The conditioner is very different than what I am accustomed to. However, I was determined to give the conditioner a chance to prove itself. It did just that! My hair has never looked so good, felt so good, and it does enhance my curls. Besides the great product, I feel great knowing that I am supporting other women in the world, providing them with a better life! Touches my heart!
Help for hair is here! I tried all kinds of products but nothing worked on my kinky hair. Since this was new to me I felt hopeless and was ready to go back to processing my hair. But a friend told me about the Beautiful curls system, took me to purchase it and now I am loving my kinky curly natural hair! Thanks for designing a product that works well on my hair. It moisturizes without weighing my hair down and I absolutely love it. I am approaching a year being natural and that's because Beautiful Curls made a new beautiful me! Thank you!!
-Crystal Alford
As a girl with long, thick, curls, it was hard to find a product that does not shrink my hair, and that is not hard. I found a winner!
-Thick & Curly
Amazing Product! Your Curl Enhancing Products for wavy hair are amazing! I have long wavy hair and some grey, I do color, and my hair was getting so dry. I tried many many different hair products from organic to high-end but nothing worked as well as your Curl Defining Gel. I have beautiful healthy long waves now. My friends thought I got a new haircut! No more dryness and "straw look" ! Great Product! Bought the Leave-in Conditioner and Shampoo yesterday!
I just purchased the Leave-In Conditioner and the Curl Activating Cream for Curly to Kinky Hair. OMG. My hair is gorgeous! I can't believe it! Even after the day I washed curls are long smooth corkscrew curls! I'm hooked. I love your products. Thank God I can finally stop buying product after product. Thank you so much !! I will recommend your product to every curly girl out there!
With your Curl Activating Cream, my curls are defined and I can even grow my hair out!
I am so pleased with Beautiful Curls. I wear my hair natural and it is wavy/curly. I have wanted a product that does what Beautiful Curls does for a long time. I work at a Health Food store and we have your product because our rep. gave me the product to try and if I liked it then we would bring it in the store. Well I loved it and I am a walking advertisement for Beautiful Curls! Everywhere I go I am asked what I use on my hair. My hair is shiny, healthy and my curls are well defined. Thank you for Beautiful Curls!
I bought this product at Whole Foods as I was looking for a leave-in that was more natural and less expensive than the one that I usually purchase. I put it on my hair before twisting it while wet (after shampooing) and was shocked a few days later when my hair was still super soft on my 4c hair. This really is a superior product and it's an added bonus that your company is so ethical and believes in sustainability. I'm very pleased!
My curls are a happy accident from going salt and pepper. I love this product. I have tried so many others, but none leave my hair as soft and shiny and my curls locked in and beautiful. And all without that nasty crunch, stickyness and wireyness of grey hair....I found it by accident at my local Sprouts and will only buy this one from now on...Yea to you!!!
I just discovered your product at Whole Foods and I wanted to tell you how impressed I am at the efficacy and quality. Most curl targeted products don't distinguish wavy as a hair type within the curl spectrum and it's perfect for me! Not only that, the fair trade and natural ingredients make it a purchase I'm proud of. Thank you.
I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the Curl Enhancing Leave-In Conditioner! I am letting my hair grow after about 25 years of wearing it very short. It is now about 5" long and I have tried several products with not much satisfaction. I bought your product two days ago and I love it!! It defines my curls and isn't crunch! Thanks!
I just wanted to comment on my recent purchase of the Beautiful Curls products. I am transitioning from dreadlocks to a softer curl look. I didn't want to cut my hair short. My hair curls great with the right conditioning products. I just discovered the Beautiful Curls line at my local Whole Foods. These products are just what I need. My hair feels so well conditioned and soft. I plan to purchase more products for myself, friends and my family. I feel really good when I purchase from Alaffia, because of your commitment to fair trade. Keep up the good work and I will keep spreading the word about your mission and your products. THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! All my love and support,
I love Beautiful Curls!!! I have wavy hair, but living in Colorado.... its so dry... I have straight hair!!! Not any more!!!! Now I have Curly hair!!!
-Teresa Hickman
I just returned from Whole Foods. Met a lady who was looking for a good hair product for her daughter. I suggested Beautiful Curls. I let her feel my hair-I had just washed it this morning. She was sold on the product. She purchased the shampoo, leave in detangler and curl activator. I had taken the last jar of conditioner and so she couldn't get any. Another customer for you.
-Naomi Patricia
I recently purchased the Curl Nurturing De-Tangler. I was so impressed with the product and the results that I achieved with my daughter's hair! I've tried hundreds of dollars in products to detangle my daughter's hair, who is now 6, and nothing has every worked until a one time use of your product and magically the comb slipped rigtht through her hair! I can't wait to do my daughter's hair in the morning - it's going to look so beautiful. This purchase was definitely worth the money. I'm totally amazed! I'm awe struck and almost in tears. Thank you!
I couldn't have beautiful hair without "Beautiful Curls." Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Hair care has never been so easy and the results so rewarding without having to use damaging chemicals.
I just want you to know how much I love your line. I have fine, wavy/curly hair and have never found a product line that works so well; plus the ingredients are fabulous (no toxins). I work at a store that sells your products and many customers have just recently started asking me what I use on my hair. It is my pleasure to walk them over to your products! Thank you for many good hair days!
-Paulette - Vitamin Cottage, Parker, Colorado
I was pleased to find your product in Whole Foods, and gave the deep conditioning treatment a try and love it. I'm happy also because you don't use nut oils, and I've found that my food allergy translates to irritation with almond/macadamia, etc. Coconut and shea have always been great.
I absutely love the Curl Activating Cream. It is amazing how simple yet effective it is! This was my 1st try from Alaffia, and I liked it so much I encouraged myself to try more of this amazing brand!
I just started using the Beautiful Curls Line! I love it! After years of searching and experimenting I think I have found my products! I love how my curls look! The ultimate test will be the humidity test!
This product is a miracle to my hair! yay : ) Love it!
-Michelle Evans
i just used your products last night and i love the results!! thank you for creating such an awesome product for us curly girls =)
-Sasha Acevedo
After almost a year since my last haircut, I was told my hair is in the best shape ever. And I said, "All the credit goes to Beautiful Curls."
-Diane April
After washing my hair, I used the Shea Butter Curl Activating Cream to do a two strand twist and I LOVE the results of the curl pattern.
I just wanted to say how much I absolutely Looooove this product! I started my career in beauty and can honestly say I've tried and tested so many products, but this is great! I have been a die hard fan since I found it in Whole Foods. I've recommended this product to so many friends and family; I love it!
-Ahsley Sutton
Your curl defining gel works great! My curls dry beautifully. Overall it's a lovely product!
-Tara Benjamin
I obtained a sample of Beautiful Curls Deep Conditioning Treatment. It truly is a deep conditioner; it worked very well.
-S Kreuter
Found your product at Earth Fare here in Chattanooga,TN. This is my first time using it for my natural hair, which tends to be dry. I wash it, put a moisturizer in it and braid it to take it down for texture. I wanted something that did not have chemicals and artificial ingredients in it. I am glad money earned from sales helps people in meaningful ways.
I used your beautiful curls hair products yesterday. It is wonderful. The results are fabulous. TRULY, I LOVE IT. Thank you for a wonderful product.
-Naomi Patricia Franklin
Me and my sister love your hair products. Works wonders on our curls!
-Dever Haffner-Ratliffe
Just tried your beautful curls shampoo and leave in conditioner. LOVE IT. Like the way it made my hair feel-really soft and manageable.
-Stephanie Robinson
I have a 3 year old little girl (Dad is African American and I am Caucasian) whose hair has been absolutely impossible to manage so far. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars from simple hair products to very expensive ones. I don't think there is a product on the market I haven't tried. Well... there was one. Someone told me about Beautiful Curls. May I bow to you all and profusely thank you for the rest of my life!! Her hair looks so cute now and ever so manageable. No more sticky stuff nor products that did nothing but dry her hair. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
-Elena Zennaro
Love your company, have used some of your other products and am looking forward to trying the Curl products!
Thank you again for your wonderful products, which I love and which I feel so good about using. Even although I have "mildly" curly hair, my scalp was always so dry and so irritatied by other shampoos and I love the conditioner, which is a "leave-in" and perfect for my dry/coarse hair structure. Many thanks for making these wonderful products and for your fast delivery!
-Jeannette Mathis
I tried your shampoo and conditioner in the United States and I loved them.
Thank you for your product. I just received it and it really is good for my hair and is like nothing I have ever used before.
-Joyce Hall
I recently tried your products and love them!
-Melody Berg
Good evening, I purchased curl enhancing leave-in conditioner Sprouts on Saturday. I love the leave in conditioner!
-Danielle Sparks
I just came upon your curl defining gel today. It is the BEST thing I've ever put on my hair. I just wanted to thank you for making an excellent product - and I feel great supporting your efforts. Bravo to you.
-Alita Hetland
I happened upon your Beautiful Curls in the Skajet Vally Food Coop while visiting friends in the area. I then visited your website and being very impressed by your community support and pure product was motivated to try them & found them at Whole Foods in Portland. I have long fine wavy hair and have been waiting 40 yrs. for a product like yours - it's wonderful. Thank you for it & I will be telling friends.
-Nancy Chandlee
I purchased Curl Enhancing Shea Butter Shampoo, Conditioner and Shea Butter Curl Defining Gel about two weeks. My hair loves you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
First of all I wanted to tell you how much I love your products! I bought them at whole foods and have been using the curl activating system for a little over 2 months for me and my kids and it has been a tremendous blessing. Your system has been the ONLY one that I can use for all three of us and have BEAUTIFUL results with out that crunchy feel and for my fragilely fine hair it has actual made my hair stronger! Thanks so much and do not even think about discontinuing your products.
I just wanted to say that this is the best product for my daughters hair. Nothing I have ever used eliminated frizz and defined her curls like this. I never used to let her wear her hair curly until now. This product is God sent.
-Michelle Mccaskill
This is the first time I have worn my hair in it's natural state and the curl activater has made this an easy transition for me. I ?have not tried any other products to compare but the curl activater seems to work the way I want it to. It does not weigh my hair down and it does not leave a lot of build-up. Plus it gives me beautiful curls! I love wearing my hair in it's natural curly state and I do not think I'll EVER go back!
-Joy D.
I love your beautiful curls curl enhancing shampoo, leave-in condiitoner, curl defining gel and reviving tonic!! I have tried every natural product for curly hair, and this is the best! I may break my addiction to my flatiron! Thanks!
-Kiva Sherr
I just wanted to let you know i looooooove your leave in and detangler for babies on up! I am absolutely amazed at how well it works, how nice it feels and smells, and how the company is involved in fair trade and community efforts. I'm very impressed.
-Jill Goldman
I ran across your products in Marlene's here in Washington and tried the Shea Butter Gel. I must say that out of all the myriad products I've tried in the past few years, this is the best so far. It gives me bouncy, shiny, frizz free curls.
I recently discovered your Curl Activator and I love it!
Hi! I am a brand new customer and I wanted to tell you how much I love the beautiful curls Shea styling wax for curly hair! I have waist length locs, and try to use only natural products for my hair, namely good quality, fair trade Shea butter when I can find it. I for one give it a high thumbs up for African American hair care!! I am so impressed by the ethics of your company and hope to spread the word and continue to support you!!
-April Harper
Congrats you have done it! i have been searching for the perfect products for myself and my daughter. after trying more than i can count i tried your nourishing sham & detangler. wow wow wow. i am in love. its so hard to find "safe" products, and i cannot even express just how thrilled i am. i have a 2 year old with long curls and a 9 month old who will also have curls. we will be forever clients.
-Laura Johnson
I purchased your shampoo and I love it!
-Nancylee Kain
I bought your product in San Francisco on a holiday and LOVED it!
-Dorothy Hermann
I tried your product and loved it!
-Anita Bein
I picked up your entire Beautiful Curls selecton about 2 weeks ago, and have to say I LOVE IT! I have been attempting to find products for my extremly curly and dry hair for years, and yours are the first and only products that have made my hair happy. I have told everyone I know about your products. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!
-Jenny Criglar
Thank you for being my textured hair's favorite hair care line of 2009 - 2010.
-Treasure Vondale
Just want to offer my praise.. I recently went all natural and I found your products at Whole Foods and decided to give them a try! FABULOUS! I love the feel and the smell it bring to my hair. Such softness and beauty and most importantly moisture.
-Latisha Simmons

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