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Key Ingredients
Beautiful Curls Shea butter curl care products are blends of Certified Fair Trade Shea butter with other handcrafted oils, fresh herbal extracts, strengthening vitaminsn and minerals, and botanical gels. All ingredients meet our high quality standards and specifications.

Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter - Powerful moisturizer with protective and antioxidant properties, seals cuticles to promote shine.

Virgin Coconut Oil - Moisturizing, antioxidant, regulates scalp oil production and promotes shine .

Choline - B vitamin, positively charged natural polyquaternium compound; neutralizes the negative charges of hair proteins and help reduce frizz.

Magnesium Sulfate - "Epsom Salt" from natural mineral deposits. Softens hair, adds body, reduces static.

Panthenol - Vitamin B5. Humectant, emollient and moisturizer. Binds, coats and lubricates the hair shaft, enhances shine.

Aloe Vera Leaf Gel - Promotes thicker, stronger hair, helps prevent hair loss.

Herbal Extracts - Our extracts are strong aqueous infusions of high quality, organic plant leaves and flowers made fresh for each batch to ensure beneficial components are active.

Chamomile - Soothing, calming, accentuates highlights and soothes the scalp.

Yarrow - Soothing, normalizes scalp oil production. Sustainably harvested from wild yarrow fields in the Okanogan valley of Washington State.

Calendula - Calming, soothing, helps prevent dry scalp conditions. Calendula for Beautiful Curls Curl Nurturing products are grown in the founder’s own gardens in Olympia, WA.

Neem - General scalp health, antioxidant, protective. Neem leaves are hand harvested from wild neem trees in central Togo by Alaffia Shea Butter Cooperative members.

Arnica - Stimulates hair growth, helps prevent loss.

Comfrey - Humectant, promotes softer, stronger hair

Natural Scents - Scented with blends of essential oils and botanical extracts – no synthetic fragrances or derivatives.

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